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This page was created so you can know a little bit more about me and my adventures.


Living the dream: a childhood passion becoming reality. Airplanes are marvels of human engineering, and it is a privilege to be able to fly them.


French, Finnish, Arabic and English. These are not in order of importance, just a random set of the fluent languages that I have been using throughout my life.


Life has so much to offer. I enjoy spending time flying flight simulators (X-plane 11 Flight Factor a320 Ultimate), flying real airplanes (Cessna 172), hiking, 3D printing and playing guitars. Maybe we have a common passion?


Almost a decade worth of knowledge. Java, C#, java-script and even Haskell, I've tried quiet a few languages and tackled many projects along the years.


EASA CPL(A), MEP (land), IR(A), SEP (land), MCC, JOC, AUPRT, NF

Total flight time 202h
Pilot in Command 110h
Take-offs: 370 Landings: 370
Airplanes flown: MB-2 Colibri, PIK-15 Hinu, PA-28, C-152, C-172, DA-42, EMB-500
Last flight: 9.3.2024

If you are wondering what I have been doing up in the air:


These are all the languages that I speak. I added some opinions that I have on them.



My native tongue. Lived, studied and worked with it. Easy to write and read, but they say it is one of the most difficult languages in the world.




I use it daily, and a good all rounder. I have studied in an exchange program in the USA for a year back in high school, in 2006-2007.




My preferred language, especially reading it. In my opinion tough to write, but fun to read. I studied French for more than ten years and I have visited France many times.




Not too hard to read or write, just very different of other languages and has a very large vocabulary.


Humble beginnings with Turbo-Pascal, a legacy coding language

It all started in Tunisia, where I learned the basics of Turbo-Pascal, a programming language used for simple office programs.

University of Jyväskylä, bachelor of sciences

I received my bachelor degree in Finland, after 4 years of studies. My major was in Mathematical Information Technologies, and minor in Mathematics.

From internship to senior software developer at JAMIX Oy

Along my studies I worked at JAMIX Oy, a growing star in the food industry. The company is located in Jyväskylä, and I got to be part of the team of programmers for 4.5 years.

I was involved in projects ranging from mobile applications to web applications. The main technologies that I used:

On duty in Kosovo, peacekeeping system specialist

I worked for a year in KFOR, as part of the Finnish peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. I worked as a liaison and monitoring officer, gathering information about local affairs. At the same time I worked as the system specialist for all the Finnish communications and IT infrastructure.

e-Commerce specialist at Solteq

Living on the edge of progress while supporting a strong finnish client running a corporate e-commerce platform. Any error or downtime would mean thousands of loss in revenue and angry shoppers.

Food power at PoweResta

Back to the roots with software that shapes the future of the food industry. This time as a software architect, me and the team are creating cutting edge tools to support the ever growing restaurant industry.

Learn more at www.poweresta.com

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